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10 tricks for using Twitter

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In order to find an effective and efficient way to use Twitter, here are 10 tips that may be useful for any Twitter user. Whether you’re new to Twitter or an experienced Twitter user these tips can help you get more results.

1. Use a tool for managing your tweets.

In today’s mobile world it’s easy to stay up to date with Twitter. With so many available applications to choose from such as: Tweetdeck or Hootsuite, and others can enhance the experience of Twitter.

2. Rotate links in your Tweets.

You should rotate where you place a link. Sometimes you should place it before the message which causes the user to see the link and then the message. This may increase the readers curiosity.  At other times you can place the link in the middle of the message. It is a good idea to alternate the structure of your “tweet” so they do not all look alike.


  • Before the message: “ – Portal to find useful and interesting information.”
  • After the message: “Portal to find useful and interesting:”
  • Middle of the message: “Portal to find useful and interesting: information.”

3. Create “tweets” with no more than 120 characters.

Tweets that are less than 120 character make it easier for others to “Re-tweet” and pass the information along.

4. Create lists to filter messages from users by topic, relationship, or events.

As the number of contacts you have grow, it becomes more and more difficult  to read through all of  your messages. Having lists allow you to better control the flow of messages and interaction with other users.

5. Understand how to use “hashtag” and its many features.

A “hashtag” is a keyword which is placed with a number sign (#) in front. This allows the Twitter platform to easily find users that  have used that keyword in their tweets.

6. Include a Background on Your Profile that identifies you, or the effort that you are running.

Twitter provides a generic background designs for its users, however, you have the ability to create your own background. This is very useful if your a business because it allows you to make your presence in Twitter stand out. Your background imagine can be as simple as just your logo, but I recommend having key features of your business on that background.

7. Complete your profile and highlight your interests so others with similar interests can see you as a potential contact to follow.

Be sure to keep up to date photo of you and information describing your interests. Creativity is always welcome.

8. Add links to your profile.

This will help to direct followers or visitors to your blog, or anywhere they can find more information from you. I always recommend to include your blog or website.

9. Share “tweets” from other users.

Twitter is a channel of communication whose purpose is to share information. Be sure to share and pass on information shared by others. If you only share what you create you miss the opportunity to create new relationships. Many users choose to stop following users when messages are often personal propaganda only.

10. Never click on links from strangers  they usually arrive via a special “DM” (direct message).

Many people receive private messages which may have malicious code that can take over your account. Once you see suspicious activity call the Twitter security team they will show you how to precede.

These are 10 tips and tricks on how to use Twitter. If you have some tips for Twitter users post in the comments below.

If you need help on improving your online presence for yourself or your business feel free to send us your contact info! 

Difference of Facebook page, profile and group

To clarify possible questions within the differences of a profile, page and a Facebook group I want to share the primary purpose for which of each are used.

Profile is a key part of Facebook and It is the most used by everyone. Each user has a personal profile, while the group is a place where, initially, Facebook allowed companies and groups have the ability to communicate.

The personal profile allows you to create a private space where you can share updates, photos, links, news, ask questions among others. All users of Facebook should have your personal profile to use other social networking features.

Groups provide an enclosed space for small groups of people to communicate about their common interests. Groups can be created by any user.

Pages allow the real organizations, businesses, celebrities and brands to communicate with your audience. The pages can only be created and managed by authorized representatives and officers of each organization, entity or company.

In simple words:

Profile – Each user has a profile for personal use.

Group – Center for common interests.

Page – Place of a brand, celebrity, organization, and / or company official on Facebook.

In more detail, these are the things you can do in each of them according to Facebook:


  • Privacy: visibility of information published in a profile can be controlled by the privacy options.
  • Public: Depending on how your privacy settings are set the public may
    send an invitation to create a
    connection. If you wish, you can limit invitations and who can see your public profile.
  • Communication: The updates can be viewed by
    users with whom you have a connection. Any updates you make on other profiles or pages will be created
    under his name.


  • Privacy: information of a page and its
    updates are public and generally
    accessible by most people on Facebook.
  • Public: Any person
    or user can click the “like” on a page and create a connection to receive news and
    updates. There is no limit on how
    many people can click “like” on a page.
  • Communication: Administrators of a page can
    share updates under the name
    of it. Updates are
    displayed in the “News feed”
    of the people who gave him “like”
    on the page. Administrators
    can also modify the
    tabs of the pages and review the statistics of activity and growth.


  • Privacy: In addition to having an open group to the public,
    there are more privacy options available for groups. In secret
    and closed group makes
    its updates visible only to other group
  • Public: Group members must be
    approved and added by other members.
    When a group reaches a certain size certain features are
    limited. The most useful groups tend to be the one
    created to share with some people we know.
  • Communication: In groups, members are notified as their main option. Group
    members can participate in “chat,
    upload photos to albums shared document collaboration, and invite all members to group events.”
Any further questions regarding the differences? Feel free to ask in the comments area!

When is the best time to send a “Tweet”?

The reason we want to use tools like Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus is to allow us to share our ideas in a public forum. We all want our content to be seen and some we care more about this than others.

A question I have heard many times is what time it is more practical to send a “Tweet”. On the question seems simple, has a high degree of complexity to only answer in a sentence. There are several factors that can be used to understand what time it is more favorable to publish something. Or at what point is more likely to be seen.

To determine at what time or day you can try the following tips.

Use tools to measure and view statistics on how many people oppressed shared links. There acortadotes address cyber and tools such as Hootsuite for reviewing reports on how the ecosystem reacted Twitter to link you shared.

Observe the times where most of your contacts or followers are connected and interacting online.

This way you can make an estimate of when it would be more favorable share something important, because you know beforehand the time is more likely that his followers see it.

You can also try using tools such as Tweetwhen. This tool checks your last 1,000 tweets and reports the time it has received more “Retweets” (A “Retweet” in English is when a user takes on Twitter content and shares it with his followers).

There are several tools that are able to improve the efficiency of how we communicate and interact on Twitter. But my advice to maintain a balance is determined by the time most convenient for you to share any information.

Make sure you project your personality through social profiles. It can be the difference for creating healthy relationships.

Latin CACS – Corporate Guidelines for Social Media Efforts

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Identifying dangerous messages in social platforms?

Every day, users of platforms like Twitter and Facebook receive messages that contain malicious links and malware that can sacrifice your privacy and also spread malware via networks and computers.

My experience as a security advisor makes me even more careful with many of these malicious messages sent via a public or private channel.

They usually use three factors to identify whether a message is malicious or not:

Language of Message

Only a small part of my contacts send me messages in both English and Spanish. When I receive a message in English of a person who usually communicates with me Spanish it automatically raises my suspicion. So I normally analyze and review the message with more detail. If I have another way of communicating what that person, I try to communicate via another channel to verify if that person did intend to send me a link or message.

Unusual message with a shortened link

In many cases, people who send malicious links use url shorteners to mask them. If you find a message that is completely off topic be extra careful when clicking the link. The best way to see if the link is safe is to visit one of many tools available to validate if a link is malicious or not.


A message that spikes your Curiosity

Most messages that have a malicious link, are those that offer unique information that triggers curiosity. These are the most dangerous because they use phrases which make shut down your thought process very easily and you feel like just clicking on the link. Examples of phrase I’ve seen are:

“I found this article which speaks negatively of you and your company”

“I found these embarrassing pictures of you here”

“I want you to share these private images”

There are multiple ways to identify when you receive a message that could be malicious. But most importantly, tell your contact what happened, as soon as you notice unusual activity.

If in case you see that the user is unknown or looks like a spammer please contact the security team of the platform/

Similar to how you go should be alert, in the virtual world you need to be as alert to identify any threats and not let them expose any of your vulnerabilities.

Any other advice on how you can further detect these situations and what to do?



Reinventing the Wheel or in this case the Circle

One of the main concerns individuals who are not early adopters have with Google Plus is the fact of having to build your contacts again. I really think that Google needs to analyze how to make this process as simple and effective as possible to get more people to jump on board.

Google does provide the option of including contacts you may know by using contacts in your gmail. In my case I have used Gmail for so many things since I started using in 2003. I have many contacts on Gmail that I have only spoken to once and have no direct contact with. I use to copy my emails from other efforts into gmail so I have thousands of contacts, which I think would be very spammy if I sent them a request so they could join me in Google Plus. There are other contacts that I probably don’t want to connect with. In the past I have had issues using gmail contacts to connect in social networks so I will not use this function again.

If Google had a way to connect your Facebook & Twitter contacts the same way Facebook and now Twitter connect with Gmail contacts, that might help with the process of building your contacts on Google Plus. Since Google Plus is still in beta, it might launch a cross platform tool to alert your friends on Facebook and Twitter to come and join you on Google Plus.

In the meantime here are a few things you can do to bring your contacts over from other platforms and even your blog.

Get your short Google Plus Nickname.

Go to and insert your Google + ID Number and choose a Nickname. For example, mine is . This makes it easier when sharing your profile with other people so they can connect.

Share Your Profile on Social Channels

Share your Profile nickname on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn or any other social channel so people know where to find you.

If you are on Google Plus feel free to say hi
Raul Colon

Include it in Your Email Signature

If you have a blog I would include the blog url in the email signature if you want people to connect with you in Google Plus. Make sure you include it in your email signature.

Change your Avatar

Many of us changed the avatar on Twitter and Facebook with the “I have Moved” Image. I modified the I Have Moved version of my avatar and included my Gplus Nickname so people could find me on Google Plus.

Add a Widget or Badge to your Blog

If your blog works on WordPress you can easily integrate Google Cards into your WordPress blog as a widget. With some PHP knowledge, integrate it into any part of your WordPress site.

If you are interested in learning more about the plugin visit:

My first weeks in Google+ I have had such great conversations with a small group of new people I met. I found it worth moving over and waiting for the rest to come along.

If you need any invite feel free to Contact me I will gladly send you one.

photo credit by p22earl

Adding Circles to Your Gmail Chat (Gtalk)?

Update: It seems that Google did remove the functions we mentioned in this post.

Updated from Google:

We wanted to offer you more control over who you can chat with in Google Plus. So we’ve made a change that requires you to explicitly invite people in order for them to appear in your chat list. For Gmail, Orkut and iGoogle users, we’ll continue to include the people who you can already chat with in those properties.

Original Post

The other day using Google + I started using gmail chat which I got the option to include everyone in my circles into my GTalk contacts. A few hours later I got a message from Steven (a member of Kitchen Table Companies → Affiliate Link) asking me how did I on how I adding myself to his Gtalk contacts.

I quickly ran him through the steps and he gave me a few reasons why this could really help him use even more GPlus. (many of them where on the business side).

Adding Your Google+ Circles to Gtalk

If you go to the chat area on your left side of your Google+ screen you will see an arrow giving you the option to see your Circles, Setting, or to Log Out of Gtalk.

If you click on Circles you will get the options to choose the circles you want to chat with. This automatically enables the people in your circle to see that you are online.

Something you have to take into consideration when enabling your circles in Gtalk is the fact that people might be able to discover your email address. So make sure you only enable people you trust.

If you need to adjust setting of your Gtalk you can also do that by hitting the chat settings button.


This integration on Google+ will help me keep in touch with many of my contacts that I had lost touch for a while since I hardly use Gtalk.

What other benefits and/or disadvantages do you see in having Gtalk integrated with your circles?

Should You bring your Business to Google Plus

Google had planned to implement their business version of Google+ in a few months.  They had asked companies to wait on that phase before they created business profiles.

As we found out via mashable this week, Christian Oestlien, group product manager at Google wrote in a blog that they would be accelerating the program for use even earlier.

If you read the post you have until today July 15 to register your business, although it seems that the form has been turned off as of this post.

If you need more information regarding Google Plus for Business use, feel free to take a look at Christian’s other post where he explained Google’s stance on business users until the next phase.

If you are not in the selected bunch of users who will test phase, I recommend you to build the business on the personal side by creating relationships and really caring about those people you interact with online. Communicating as an individual can lead to healthy business opportunities for the company you own or represent. It can also extend the relationship into a positive perception of the brands you represent.

A good example was Morgan Johnston from Jetblue using it to convey a special deal from his personal account.

Not only will people identify with you as a person, but they will also identify with your company because they know you as a person not as a logo.

I see many benefits of Google + so it is key for any smart business to stay up to date and once it is available, I highly recommend you to sign your business up.

Should I use Google + for my business?

Every time that a new Platform emerges, many of us are thinking about the benefits our businesses can get from them. Google + is currently available for some users. At the moment Google has temporarily stopped new from joining.

This is a good testing ground when trying to figuring out what Google + can leverage over other platforms like Facebook or Twitter when you are one of the first to use it.

I guess no matter what platform you decide to use you have to look at it from the perspective of being able to enhance the process of meeting your business goals and always keep that in mind.

So many people jump into every platform with only one thing in their mind and that is selling and marketing.

Thankfully the early implementers have created a good ambience in the Google + eco system that  leaves a lot of opportunity for exploration with very few people pushing their products on to you for the moment. It is time for every business owner to strengthen relationships and get to know other people on this platform.

So my business advice for Google + : Get to know the people with access and see how you can help your customers with this new tool.

If you are new to Google + this video created by our friend @chrisbrogan can give you a quick idea on how to start using it.

@chrisbrogan also wrote this awesome list on 50 ideas and opportunities where he thinks Google+ can benefit all of us. I would recommend you to take a look at his unique ideas.

Feel free to add me on  Google + (

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