Chris Brogan #1 on Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers

Guy Kawasaki, Raúl Colón (Fundador de CIMA) y Chris Brogan

It isn’t everyday you get Happy Birthday sung to you by one of the Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers but in December, during his show with Joe Sorge called Kitchen Table Companies  #KTCO , Chris Brogan sang Happy Birthday to me in Spanish. I really appreciated the gesture as it was something unexpected and with Raul sending him a message, he gave a great performance.

Top 10 of Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers on Forbes

Since CIMA is a Strategic Partner with Chris Brogan’s company called Human Business Works, we were elated to read that author Haydn Shaughnessy , Forbes contributor, compiled  a list of Social Media users  because he wanted to analyze what these people write about  and the following they have when it comes to Social Media. Feel free to read the article in the link above.

Congratulations to Chris for being named number one on the list. If you have ever heard Chris on KTCO, gone to a conference to hear him speak, or read his blog posts, then you know that he genuinely connects with people.

Thanks to Hadyn Shaughnessy for writing the article.

6 Ideas to Create Content for Your Corporate Blog

It still amazes me on how many people don’t see the purpose in writing a corporate blog. On many occasions someone wants to establish their online presence and they just want a static page. When I ask business owners why there is only a static page, their answer is that they don’t know what to write about on their corporate blog, or even worse that they don’t have time to be online.

When individuals are so resistant to set up a corporate blog it is obvious that they don’t see the value in establishing one. But maybe if they could get an idea of what they can write about it might sound more appealing to them.

5 Suggestions on what to write about in your corporate Blog that can save you time and money:

1. Answering the FAQ’s of your prospective clients

It is great to have a FAQ page on your site but if you can also use your blog to clear answers with more detail, I can guarantee that in the long run it will be useful for you. It can even save time because instead of writing an explanation you can just point them towards the details on your blog.

For example, we answered the question in our blog regarding what music you can play on a website. Thankfully the post has been viewed by many people and in researching the topic, have come in though Google which can be converted into clients.

2. Client or Customer Accomplishments

In our case, customer accomplishments are very important. So if we can find a way to congratulate our customers it might be a good idea to write a few paragraphs about their accomplishment and how that client is tied to you. If the outcome or accomplishment is directly tied to any of your team’s efforts it makes it even more important for you to include a post regarding your client.

Example: When we launched Food Truck Freak a few months ago for a client they received good press coverage andwe highlighted their accomplishment by writing:

“CIMA goes along for the ride with Food Truck Freak in Chicago”.

3. New Products or Services

If you are launching a new product or adding services it is a good idea for you to let your customers know via your blog. Communicating things via your blog can help you reach your audience directly and also clear any questions that your prospective customers might have at a faster pace than publishing a Press Release or any printed material.

Example: We announced how we started our translation services and also changed our website into a Bilingual One.

4. Previous Comments

Make sure your posts have an area to comment. This is another source for future posts. Based on what your audience is asking via the comments area or conversations that are going on in that area, you can generate future blog posts. If you can answer the question quickly answer it in the comments section. If the answer is complex or detailed, I recommend writing a follow up post so your answer can clear the questions of others.

Example: Based on previous questions we had in our comments when @margieclayman offered to write a guest post for us we  took the opportunity to have her straight to the point post on ” Five Keys to Look For When Searching for a Website Development Partner

5. Partnerships

If you join up with another organization it is great that you share the great news of the new partnership. This not only shows your new partners that you are excited about the relationship, it also allows your clients and customers to know who you are aligning with to serve them better.

Example: Soon we will share more insight into our partnership with our business partners Chris Brogan, Rob Hatch and the rest of the Human Business Works Team. (News & Press area).

6. Tutorials

Similar to answering questions, you can create a post with a tutorial of a process in order to further educate your customers. Instead of running them through the process in an email, you can create a resources section in your blog that is available for everyone to review and understand.

Example: We love to learn from other blogs so we make sure every once in a while we add a tutorial or answer questions that might be useful to our readers like  “Exchanging your LinkedIn Info via QR Code” and “3 Ways To Make Your Keywords Useful On Twitter

Do you have any other suggestions on what things you can write about on your blog?

photo credit by Keith Williamson

10 Lessons in Social Media from @ricky_martin from Raú

Photo from

A bit more than a year ago I wrote a post regarding the lessons I learned from reading Ricky Martin’s Biography Me.

A few weeks ago the Ricky Martin Web team found the post and shared it via their twitter account.

There was a request to have it translated which I have done and posted on here our corporate blog since their might be a few lessons regarding community building and this site also supports multi-language posts.

If you want to read the previous post

10 Lessons in Social Media from @ricky_martin

Spanish Version

Finding the time a Tweet was Published



Wondering how to Find at what time a previous tweet was sent out?

I was asking myself the same until Googled it. I created this 1 minute tutorial on how to find the time tweets where published.

If you can’t see the video click here.

If you have any further questions regarding managing twitter or your presence online feel free to ask in the comments are or contact us

5 tips on quickly enhancing Google+ Branded Company Pages.

CIMA IT Solutions Google + Business Page

Since Google + was launched a few months ago, the presence of any business was initially left out of the equation. Yesterday Google opened up its Business Pages to the Public and our staff and myself have been creating pages of some of our clients and our own CIMA IT Solutions Google+ Profile.

We wanted to share with you 5 initial tips on quickly enhancing your Google+ Branded Company pages.

Take a look at the video we included below with simple instructions on creating a page. Below are some more details on how we set up our page.

Create a Short link for your page

As soon as we set up our page we went ahead and created a shortcut on for CIMA IT Solutions Corp. We ended up getting a shorter link that is Google + is known for having long urls to reach the profile.

Another option towards creating your own short link is if you use the Genesis Framework like we do on wordpress. By creating a Redirect url (a trick I learned from my friend @ChrisBrogan) like this one . This link will move people towards your Google+ branded page.

Complete your Business Profile

To give your profile and page some credibility, I highly recommend including as much information as possible but keep it brief. Feel free to include enough information to spark the interest of those that landed on your Google+ Branded Page. We made sure to give it the human touch and added links to the profiles of our teams and leadership.

Google + Business Profile

Share Your Content

If you already have content created on a blog feel free to add a few of your best past posts. We will be sharing past posts and new ones as they become available. This is yet another way to get new people interested in the previous content you have created.

Add Some Photos

What a better way than to add life to your Business Page Profile in Google+ than adding photos of the company or organization’s events. Make sure to share the story behind the pictures. This might spark a few conversations and keep Google+ users interested in what you are currently doing or generate questions about past experiences.

We will be writing and sharing a series of posts on this new channel for business. If you need help in enhancing your Google + Branded Pages feel free to contact us  or in the comments area.

Also feel free to subscribe to our newsletter to get future posts on the subject.

Additional Resources we found online

A post on Google+ from Susan Beebe

Pages are extremely similar to profiles, but they have some key differences:

– Pages can’t add people to circles until the page is added first or mentioned. Learn more.

– Pages can be made for a variety of different entities whereas profiles can only be made for people.

– The default privacy setting for elements on your page profile is public.

– Pages have the +1 button.

– Pages can’t +1 other pages, nor can they +1 stuff on the Web.

– Pages can’t play games.

– Pages don’t have the option to share to ‘Extended circles’.

– Pages don’t receive notifications via email, text, or in the Google bar.

– Pages can’t hangout on a mobile device.

– Local pages have special fields that help people find the business’ physical location.

– Learn more about local pages.


Video to Set Up Your Google+ Branded Page from John S. Haydon

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